The Sea is a place filled with incredible discoveries and endless opportunities for entertainment, a heritage to be admired, cherished and enjoyed.
The C-Way proposals “Sea Experience” originates from the vision to create a bespoke experience for tourists, sports people or just marine life enthusiasts linked to the sea and its immense wildlife reserve.
Thanks to the superlative work of Costa Edutainment we now have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful aquariums in Italy and discover the marine biodiversity.

For all the boat tours lovers, on the other hand, you can not miss an excursion to the extraordinary Ligurian sea, discovering coves and coastal landscapes, sailing from port to port. A day out to to breathe, live and admire breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Ligurian coast, the first in Italy to be awarded with 27 Blue Flags.

The Ligurian Sea with its picturesque setting, is also one of the most spectacular dive spots in the Mediterranean, the perfect place for sports people or amateurs.


A visit to the aquarium is like a proper journey around the world, a walk across the seas and the most fascinating waters of the planet. Spectacular settings, new thematic routes to learn all the secrets of these wonderful parks.

Boat excursions

The Ligurian Sea as a journey of discovery, an adventure through mythology, history, culture and traditions. Sail along the coast or explore the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans, an experience you will never forget!

Water Sports

The best way to explore the sea, above and below its surface. Highly qualified diving centers, snorkeling opportunities and spectacular sea kayaking itineraries.


Acquario Village: Mon Amour

Hotel Stay with Acquario Ticket

the wonderful world of AquarioVillage Classic, the only ticket which allows you to visit the Aquarium of Genoa – Tropical Garden – Galata Sea Museum – Submarine S518 Nazario Sauro – Antarctica National Museum – Biosphere and Bigo Panoramic Lift!
Come to Genoa and experience this world, which combine culture with entertainment and fun!

Genova Galattica

Old Port of Genoa

Genova Galattica – children free until 12 years! The packages includes: 1 overnight stay with breakfast in Genoa – ticket GalatAcquario (which includes entrance to Aquarium of Genoa – Galata Sea Museum – Submarine S518 Nazario Sauro ) – insurance coverage, medical and luggage expenses

Cinque Terre Boat Tour

A Cruise to Cinque Terre

Give yourself the experience of a whole day on the boat among the wonders of Portovenere and Cinque Terre declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Starting from Porto Mirabello of La Spezia a welcome cocktail during navigation in the crystal waters of the Gulfs of the Poets.

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